About Us 2


Rectory Farm Foods sell high quality lamb and game through a box scheme. Our lamb is bred, reared and fattened on the farm. The lambs come from mule ewes that are crossed with a Texel ram. The mule ewes are a cross themselves, bred from highland and lowland sheep. The highland breed promotes hardiness and the lowland sheep provide a good sized, roomy carcass for easy lambing.

The Texel ram is also a lowland breed that has been bred specifically for the butchery trade. Consequently, the lambs thrive and have fantastic confirmation. Once they have been fattened slowly on a diet of milk, meadow grasses, wild flowers, wild herbs and stubble turnips, the lambs produce wonderfully succulent meat, which has an amazing flavour.
The meat acquires the flavour of the grassy meadows in which they graze throughout the spring and summer and the turnips in the winter.

The meadows are a mixture of traditional wild flowers and herbs, clovers and meadow grasses. We also graze the sheep on water meadows full of lush green grasses; some of which have wild watercress in and around the streams that traverse them.

The stubble turnips are sown in the summer in to the wheat stubbles and we start to graze these in late October. The turnips provide a wonderful food source for the lambs and add a lovely fresh flavour to the meat. The turnips also provide a wonderful habitat for the wild birds through the winter. As the sheep graze the turnips, they uncover little insects and bug life in the soil, not to mention the insects that are attracted to their manure! This helps to keep our wild bird population fed through the ‘hungry gap’ of winter. Our lambs are the best around and provide meat that is so good you will not buy lamb from the supermarket ever again!


Rectoryfarmfoods.co.uk will be supplying eggs from traditional farmyard egg layers in time for Christmas. Fill in an online pre-order form today to secure your farm fresh lamb, game or eggs for Christmas!


Our game is shot on the farm. The pheasants, partridge and duck roam the fields and swim the reservoirs. Once shot the game goes off to the local game dealer where it is plucked, prepared and placed on a covered tray ready to go straight in to your oven, fridge or freezer.
We supply fresh game, providing we have a week’s notice of your order. Should you want game straight away, we can supply frozen oven ready pheasants, partridge and duck.

We can also offer you oven-ready pigeon, again with a minimum of a week’s notice or frozen, whichever you prefer. Pigeon is a wonderful and healthy meat – a truly wild bird. They feed from hedgerows and from our abundant fields.

Although we take care to try and remove any shot from our game, please be aware that there may still be the odd bit left over – so take care as we cannot guarantee we will spot everything.

Please note that as all of our game is wild, there will always be a slight variance in size.

Availability of fresh stock is as follows:

Partridge: 1st September – 1st February
Pheasant: 1st October – 1st February
Duck: 1st September – 31st January
Wood Pigeon: All year round

We will have a large stock of frozen game available out of season. Perfect for that summer BBQ where you want something different to grill!


Rectory Farm Foods will start supplying chutneys, jams, and other lovely treats in the New Year. These will all come from our orchards made up of traditional apple, pear, plumb, cherry and green gauge trees that are local to the area. They are slow growing trees but produce wonderful flavoursome fruit. Keep and eye out on rectoryfarmfoods.co.uk for further advancements and new products!